Darling Beauty: Khloe Kardashian Reveals New Photos Of Her Cute Baby Daughter True

Date July 17, 2018

What’s the Kardashian family without scandals? Not that they enjoy them, but there’s a fair share of an advantage the family gets every time there’s a reason to talk about them.

All that drama, is it over?

Finally, it seems the drama between Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson is over. The thing is he’s been allegedly cheating on her with a few women, as mentioned in the Us magazine.

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They use the Daily Mail as a source to say he was noticed kissing an Instagram model Lani Blair, then it was something with two other unidentified women on October 7, 2017. But the list hasn’t stopped there.

Now, it seems the tumultuous past of the athlete is over, and he’s back to a normal life.

Every drama has its beauty

And it’s totally true. No matter how hard the relationship between Khloe and Tristan might be, there is a whole bundle of joy to it. The happy parents can’t but enjoy her. Khloe regularly posts a cute photo of the baby girl. Here’s one of them.

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What’s more, there’s been a cute video of True and her daddy who enjoys having some quality time with his family. He looked like a perfect daddy.

Public reaction

On the whole, people like the family, and no matter what happens in there, they always rush to show their support to the beloved Kardashians. Lots of Khloe’s fans have admitted the baby daughter took a lot after her father and called her his exact copy.

Though, they didn’t forget to scold the mother for having her daughter’s ears pierced.

Anyways, it’s not up to them to decide what’s best for True. Let’s hope now it’s a real love between Tristan and Khloe, so that True could have loving parents.

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