Kelly Clarkson Rocks Tight Leather Skirt And Shows Off Her Trim Figure After Dramatic Weigh Loss

Date May 22, 2018

As Kelly Clarkson prepared for hosting 2018 Billboard Music Awards (which took place on May 20), she visited promotional events. And we could barely take our eyes away from her!


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Ahead of the ceremony, The Voice coach went to Los Angeles on May 17 where she flaunted her trim figure. Clarkson looked absolutely stunning in the black-and-white blouse tucked into the black leather skirt.


The 36-year-old beauty also opted for black tights and accessorized the look with polka dot heels that matched her top perfectly. Kelly wore her long blonde locks down and donned a bright pink lipstick.

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How do you like her outfit?


The Texas native has been battling critics over her weight for a long time. Luckily, she didn’t really care about what other people thought about her figure. As Kelly said:

People think, Oh, there's something wrong with her. She's putting on weight. I'm like, "Oh, no! I'm sorry, but that represents happiness in my emotional world.

And a few weeks ago, Clarkson surprised her fans by revealing that she had lost an astonishing 40 pounds. The singer started a low-carb, high-protein diet, and exercised regularly, which helped her lose weight.


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She also excluded sugary treats and junk food from her diet. Good job, Kelly!

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