Madonna's Sister, Paula, Opens Up About Jealousy And How The Singer's Fame Affected Their Family

Date May 31, 2018

Since childhood, Madonna and her younger sister, Paula, wanted fame. Nowadays, one is a successful singer, a pop icon, and a superstar. But the other never quite made spotlight.

Paula worked as a model in the 80s. She was also a portrait painter and a graphic artist. Nowadays, Paula Ciccone works at the family vineyard, looking after the website and doing marketing.

Is she jealous of her sister’s career and fame?

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show, Paula revealed she wasn’t surprised her sister became so successful. In fact, even when she was a child, Madonna did everything to attract everyone’s attention and be the center.

And Paula can’t deny there’s part of her that has always wanted the same thing. As she says:

Everyone wants their own level of success no matter what they are doing.

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The woman has other successful brothers and sisters, and she admits she might be just as envious. But in case with Paula, her jealousy can be more apparent because her sister is well known all over the world.

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Madonna’s fame has also affected the rest of the family. As Paula says, there’s a barrier that you need to get through to start talking:

When you’re being treated really well, it’s really hard to put it aside and just be a person.


Some people handle family member’s fame with positivity and grace. But some siblings might feel less important and have self-esteem issues, which can lead to severe family dysfunction.


Besides, fame can be destructive to not only the family but also the celebrities themselves. Over time, it might result in substance abuse, mistrust, isolation, and even death.


There are many similar examples, like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

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