42 Years And Counting: Dr. Phil And Robin McGraw Reveal Their Secret To Long-Lasting Marriage

Date June 8, 2018

Dr. Phil can boast about being a host of a popular show, having a celebrity status, and earning $70 million in 2015 alone. But the 67-year-old is not only a successful psychologist and author, he’s also a loving husband and a doting father.


Also known as Phillip Calvin McGraw, he has been married to his wife Robin for 42 years! The couple tied the knot back in 1976. And after all these years, their love is still strong.

What is Phil and Robin’s secret?

In an interview with Closer Weekly, the physiologist answered this question jokingly:

Me saying, 'Yes, dear!'


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Meanwhile, his wife was more serious about it. According to the 64-year-old Robin, the key to their long-lasting relationship is shared values and openness. Besides, they never fight.

Back when they began dating, Robin told Philip she couldn’t stay in a family with conflicts. Her parents were fond of each other, so she couldn’t imagine the relationship of a different kind. As she said:

I told him I don’t live in a fairy tale, but I needed to be treated with dignity and respect.


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In his turn, Phil has proven that he was worthy of his beloved owing to his compassion, ability to stay focused in different situations, and commitment to the family.

He’s the one who’s always thinking with his head. I think with my heart.


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The spouses have two children, Jay and Joran. Dr. Phil wanted to raise the boys to be responsible grown men.


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Philip’s goal was to lead by example and show his sons the importance of investing time in children. And looking at his grandchildren, the host thinks he Robin succeeded.


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Besides, Dr. Phil absolutely enjoys being a granddad. He has 2 grandchildren, London and Avery:

That’s that 40-year pay off, these grandbabies. It’s like, we’ve done our job so now we get this dessert every day.


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As for his wife, the host hopes they will continue to live a full and joyous life together for many more years to come.

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