Gabrielle Carteris' Youngest Daughter Is All Grown Up Now, And She's The Spitting Image Of Her Mom

Date June 14, 2018

Remember Gabrielle Carteris? She played Andrea Zuckerman in the iconic hit series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. But apart from a successful acting career, the 57-year-old can also boast about a long-lasting marriage to Charles Isaacs and 2 beautiful children, Kelsey and Mollie.


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Mollie was born in 1999. And now, she’s all grown up and a spitting image of her mom! Just take a look at this heartwarming picture of the girl with her parents, and you will notice the uncanny resemblance between the two!


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Mollie and Gabrielle share similar facial features, including the shape of nose, face, and mouth. And it looks like the daughter and the mom also opt for the same hairstyle. If there’s ever a TV series reboot, she should definitely play Andrea’s daughter Hannah.


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The young woman is extremely talented, but it’s no wonder, as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mollie likes doing covers of various songs by singing them and playing an acoustic guitar. She often uploads videos of herself singing on Instagram. And her proud mother definitely can’t help but share them with her followers.

Here are just some of the songs the girl recorded on camera: