"She Was My Hero": Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Wife Elsa Saved His Life During Mountain Hike In Himalayas


May 29, 2018 16:25 By Fabiosa

Spanish beauty Elsa Pataky and her handsome husband, Chris Hemsworth, can boast about 7 years of strong marriage and three beautiful children. But their relationship is definitely not an ordinary one.

The two met in 2010 and tied the knot three months later in December. And it looks like spontaneity and impulse are the keys to their relationship.


Apart from marrying without planning anything in advance, the actors didn’t take their wedding seriously. In fact, they both don’t even remember the exact date they wedded. As the Thor star says:

There’s a bit of a dispute... So yeah, the answer about the date of my wedding: somewhere in December.


But there’s one more thing that keeps their love strong: support. Although Hemsworth plays a God and a superhero on screen, he actually owes his life to Pataky.

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When the couple was on holiday in the Himalayas in 2016, the 34-year-old Hollywood superstar suffered severe altitude sickness but ignored all symptoms. His body hadn’t acclimatized properly, so the actor started becoming short of breath.


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Elsa listened to her husband breathe and rushed to the guard for help. Together, they strapped Chris up to oxygen, made injections, and drove him down the mountain:

Apparently, if I was up there for another few hours, it could have gone drastically bad. I am lucky my wife was there to slap some sense into me. She was the hero.


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The pair has also gone through difficult times when Hemsworth’s career began skyrocketing. When they met, Chris wasn’t known at all.


The instant fame affected their family, making the first years of marriage not easy. But luckily, Elsa and Chris managed to come out good thanks to the love between them and strong personalities they have.

As Elsa shares:

Going through every moment and being there with him with every success was actually a good thing – we grew together.

All marriages have ups and downs, you just need to learn how to keep it strong. And Chris and Elsa are a great example to follow.

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