"So Beautiful:" Fans Melt Over Pics Of Tori Roloff's Daughter Amid Confirmation Of Her Dwarfism

Date January 24, 2020 15:11

A super cute baby with an adorable smile. That's what anyone sees when they take one look at Tori Roloff's baby and we can immediately see why.

Meet baby Lilah

In November last year, Tori Roloff shared a heartwarming post announcing the arrival of her little one, Lilah Ray Roloff. The Little People, Big World star revealed that her daughter was born on November 19th and weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces at birth.

In addition to this happy news, Tori posted adorable pictures of her newborn. In one of them, she was all swaddled up with her eyes closed. And in another, she posed along with her parents and big brother Jackson.

When little Lilah turned two months old a few days ago, Tori posted more pictures to celebrate the occasion. The proud mom revealed some facts about her daughter including that she could now recognize faces and loved to fall asleep "during tummy time."

Tori confirm baby's dwarfism

The reality star has confirmed the suspicions of fans who wondered if Lilah had dwarfism like her brother and her father, Zach Roloff.

Via her Instagram stories, Tori responded to questions by fans, confirming that Lilah was indeed a "little person." She then revealed that it was why she had to undergo another C-section to birth her.

She also opened up about her experience at the hospital during this birth.

The hospital this time was so much more difficult for me. However, I feel like I've recovered a whole lot faster this time around.

Amid all of these, though, people couldn't help but swoon over little Lilah utter cuteness. Fans had the following things to say.


Lilah is so beautiful. You and Zach must be very proud of your gorgeous children.


She's so precious! And those cheeks!


She is a tiny ball of beauty and joy.


The sweetest baby nugget.


Literally the cutest!

Zach and Tori's love story

Zach and Tori have always given fans the impression that they are fantastic parents. But before they became a team, they had to find each other and fall in love first.

Let's learn these heartwarming facts about their love story.

  • First date: For these two, their attraction was instant and mutual. Tori once revealed to People that their very first date lasted five hours and they have never looked back.
  • What attracted Zach: Zach Roloff credits his beloved wife for giving him confidence and helping him come out of his shell.
  • Engagement: The couple got engaged in 2014 to the excitement of their fans.
  • Wedding: They tied the knot one year later in a beautiful ceremony on the Roloff family farm.

Tori and Zach Roloff don't only appear to have the perfect marriage, but they have beautiful kids as well. The mom isn't the least bit fazed by her children's dwarfism as she clearly loves them unconditionally. She also celebrates each milestone happily. This way, her fans can be updated as well. She has given her followers loads of swoon-worthy moments and we bet there's more to come.

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