Fans Are Convinced David Olney Died Doing What He Loved As They Pay Tributes To The Singer

Date January 20, 2020 17:58

Fans who had gathered to watch David Olney sing never expected they would be witnessing his last moments.

More about David Olney's songs

David was a talented singer and songwriter known for his folk songs. Since the 70s, he has impressed fans with his talent and built quite a following.

His journey into the world of music began when he joined the band Simpson in 1971. He eventually formed his own band known as The X-Rays a while later and as time went on, he recorded several albums.

David's participation in a band did not stop him from venturing out on his own. He was credited for such solo albums as Deeper Well, Roses and Eye of the Storm.

According to his bio, some of his biggest hits inspired many artists who went on to create their own covers. Such stars as Steve Earle and Johnny Cash paid David this kind of tribute.

David Olney dies

The musician's website officially confirmed his passing recently. It was revealed that David died on Saturday, January 18, due to a heart attack he suffered during a performance in Florida. He was 71.

It was noted that David left behind his wife Regine and their children, Lillian and Redding.

David's Saturday performance was alongside Amy Rigby and Scott Miller, both of whom have opened up about what a shock his death was.

Via a Facebook post, Amy revealed that David was "in the middle of his third song" when he suddenly stopped.

Scott told a similar story and further noted:

David was playing a song when he paused, said “I’m sorry” and put his chin to his chest. He never dropped his guitar or fell off his stool. It was as easy and gentle as he was.

Amy and Scott offered their condolences to Daniel's family as they paid tributes to the singer.

5 fast facts about the singer

  1. He had a paper route growing up: David once told NashvilleScene in an interview that this childhood job gave him a lot of freedom. "I might go a whole day without seeing an adult."
  2. Following his passion: He revealed that in junior high, he gave up his position on the basketball team so he could make time for play rehearsals.
  3. Further studies: David studied English Literature at the University of North Carolina.
  4. His dad's tragic death: The singer disclosed that his father died before he could see David become successful. "I never got a chance for him to see me in a successful light. It was tough."
  5. Complicated love story: David's wife, Regine was married to another man when she began dating him.

Tributes for David Olney

Fans and loved ones have been dropping condolence messages since David's death was revealed. Many concluded that he really died doing what he loved.

They expressed their sadness that his life was cut short so suddenly while also appreciating his contribution to the world of music.

David Olney was considered a legend for many reasons. He sang beautifully and wrote incredible songs as well. Based on the words by those who knew him, he was a talented man indeed. He was loved by those he worked with and respected by his fans. It's sad when the world loses such a talent. He'll definitely be missed.

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