Michelle Obama's First-Ever Grammy Award Sparks Speculations On Social Media: "Give Her An Oscar Too"

Date January 27, 2020

You're aware of Barack Obama's Grammy awards, aren't you? Even before becoming the President in 2009, the 58-year-old won two high-profile awards in the same category, 'Best Spoken Word Album':

  • For a memoir, Dreams from My Father, in 2006;
  • For a second memoir, The Audacity of Hope, in 2008.

Barack Obama has established a prominent cultural and political image for decades, and it's now his wife's turn to win the world's best award.

Michelle Obama's Grammy

Thanks to Michelle Obama's book Becoming, she had received her first-ever Grammy award on January 26. Just like her husband of almost three decades, former FLOTUS received a distinction in the 'Best Spoken Word Album' category.

Sadly, people didn't take Obama's victory seriously

Michelle Obama's audiobook Becoming

The book gives a detailed insight into Michelle Obama's journey from a South Side of Chicago girl to the First Lady of the United States. Throughout two years, she has promoted her autobiography by attending numerous events and speaking shows.

According to the book's publisher, Bertelsmann, Mrs. Obama's memoir is one of the most successful books in world history. For example, within five months after publishing, the autobiography sold more than 10 million copies. Can you imagine?

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in 2018, the former First Lady opened up on the book's titles and the reasons for choosing the word 'Becoming.'

'Becoming' just summed it all up ... I'm still becoming, and I hope all of us know that we are constantly evolving. So, this is the story of my journey of becoming.

Have you already read Michelle Obama's best-selling book? She truly reflected on so many essential and shocking things in Becoming, and we do think they might inspire lots of people. Moreover, the 56-year-old star is right about one crucial point β€” we all are continuously evolving, growing, and becoming of better versions of our own selves.

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