Despite Previous Scandals, Paula Deen Received A Lot Of Love And Warm Wishes From Fans On Her 73rd Birthday

Date January 20, 2020 16:29

Legendary cooking star Paula Deen has just marked a new milestone in her life as she received a lot of love and warm wishes from fans and family on her 73rd birthday.

Paula Deen: scandals and cooking show

  • Paula Deen made her name for herself as one of the brightest TV cooking hosts on American television.
  • During her career, Paula was involved in a massive scandal that cost her a favorite job.
  • In 2013, the Food Network fired Paula Deen from hosting Paula’s Home Cooking following racism allegations and lawsuit.

  • In one of her candid interviews after getting fired, Paula confessed that she’s learned her lesson and kept moving:

God knows I have had tougher moments in the later years of my life. But it’s what builds character. That’s what makes you into the person that you are.

  • Years later, Paula Deen decided to rebuild her cooking empire and returned on TV with a new show Positively Paula.
  • Fans were delighted about Paula Deen’s comeback as her show received positive feedback from the audience and critics.

Happy birthday, Paula Deen!

On January 19, Paula Deen celebrated her 73rd birthday. The best way to forget about tough times is to celebrate it with your loved ones.

Fans and family rushed to social media with the warmest wishes to the birthday girl. Paula’s eldest son Jamie shared a heart-melting post on Instagram with such a sweet message:

Im so blessed to have a hero and a momma all rolled into one-We love you so much!

Friends and fans couldn’t miss a chance to wish the best of luck to the cooking host.

Paula Deen’s sons

Paula Deen is a doting mother to two handsome and all grown-up sons, Jamie and Bobby. The young men have followed in their family matriarch’s footsteps as they work in the same industry.

Jamie and Bobby Deen have taken part in several cooking shows on Food Networks. They are also co-owners of the family restaurant The Lady & Sons in Savannah.

Once, Paula Deen was asked about her feelings on working together with her sons. The star replied that it’s great and tough at the same time because you need to be careful not to “overstep the boundaries.”

On the other hand, the family business has its benefits, Paula said:

There’s nothing better than being able to give your children wings so they can soar and fly in the direction they want to go in.

Golden words, Paula! Your sons are really lucky to have such a supportive parent as you are!

Is it just us, or Paula Deen hasn’t changed at all over the years? Age seems to have no power over the TV star.

Life was not always so easy for Paula Dean as she had many ups and downs throughout her lasting career. Nevertheless, Paula chose not to pass ahead of challenges. She is a woman of incredible inner strength who knows what she wants from life. Agree that these qualities deserve the highest admiration!

Our congratulations and warmest wishes to Paula Deen on her 73rd birthday!

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