Spencer Tracy's Son John Was Born Deaf But The Doting Father Never Gave Up On Him

Date August 21, 2019

Born on April 5, 1900, Spencer Bonaventure Tracy's claim to fame was his natural acting and immense versatility. He was one of the greatest performers of Hollywood's Golden Age. During his career, Tracy managed to win two Academy Awards for Best Actor out of nine nominations.

Three weeks after completing his last film, Spencer passed away at his home in 1967. He had suffered a heart attack and was found by the housekeeper in his bedroom. Soon, the doctor arrived and pronounced him dead. The legend's older brother, wife, and children were shortly informed.

Spencer as a devoted father

Tracy's wife Louise Treadwell immediately sensed their little one was deaf when he kept sleeping through loud noises. Upon examination, their son, John Ten Broeck was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome as well. He gradually lost his sight too. But, by the age of 11, he could talk, read and writer, all thanks to his father.

According to Spencer's good friend, A.C Lyles the loving father refused to put John in an institution for the retarded. He recalled:

Spence was absolutely marvelous with him [John] but, gave all credit to Louise [for John’s progress].

His son's travails motivated him to work much harder so he could give John all the financial support he needed to overcome his disability. The irony is, it is John’s very condition that provided the impetus for Spencer to become a successful artist.

John experienced life at fullest

It was Spencer's gift of love to his son that he was able to live a fulfilled life. Their relationship became his silver lining. John wrote in his 1975 journal:

I’m an artist, writer, photographer; I played polo, tennis; swim, water-ski, dance. I got married, had a family.

In June of 2007, John passed away at the age of 87. He left behind John Tracy Clinic running in his name to treat hearing-impaired individuals. Spencer's kindness followed through time and is everlasting.