Lori Loughlin's Been "Obsessing" & Keeping "Meticulous Records" On College Admissions' Case, Reports Say

Date August 23, 2019 16:36

In all their public appearances, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli seemed collected while handling scam allegations. Their supporters admired them for putting on a tough show. However, the panic might have started!

Recently in July, the Fuller House actress celebrated her 55th birthday. She and her husband along with their daughters marked the day with heartfelt tributes. The couple was also spotted in L.A while shopping and enjoying themselves.

Their tension-free attitude has confused the watchers. The next court date is on August 27. Is the family forgetful? There are only two explanations, the non-convicted parents are either innocent and strong or stubborn and guilty.

The on-set of paranoia

Lori and Mossimo's lawyer had advised them to turn-off the google alerts assigned to their names. It can save them from hearing all the negativity said about Olivia and Isabella. According to People magazine, instead, the resilient mother is concerning herself with just that.

A source has informed that Loughlin is sorely focused on the college admissions case. She wants to know who is liable to get what punishment and how different is her strategy from theirs. She is digging deep into plea deals and information about defendants.

The actress is continuously in contact with her legal team. She is sharply focused and keeping "meticulous records". The insider said:

Lori is obsessing over every detail of the case. She’s not working, she’s not doing anything. She’s just reading the files again and again.

People's support is running thin

We wish the truth to win in this controversial legal battle. What are you expecting from the final verdict?