"I Hate Mama": Tuesday Weld Had Proclaimed That Her Mother Was Dead 25 Years Before Her Actual Death

Date August 29, 2019

Born as Susan Ker Weld on August 27, 1943, in New York City, she entered the showbiz at the age of 3. When a toddler, she appeared in fashion and mail-order catalogs. Nearly 11 years later, the young girl became an ultimate starlet for Hollywood.

More than her success, the actress was known for her absurd tragedies and strained relationships.

It remains a mystery how the classic diva's moniker transmuted into Tuesday. During her tenure, she managed to get her talent acknowledged by critics. Famed directors approved of her professionalism, and in the late 1960s, she promisingly grew out of her teen star image and worked for demanding roles.

Childhood trauma

As her IMBD profile suggests, Tuesday started telling people that her mother Yosene was dead since the mid of the 1980s. Though, she still lived and didn't actually pass away until 2001. Why she resented her own parent so much? She once openly told NY Times:

I hate mama!

Weld's father passed away after she just began to walk. Her mother pushed her to become the sole earner of the family as a child model. She frequently missed school because of magazine shoots. By age 10, Tuesday was filling her lungs with smoke and was drowning her unfathomable miseries by drinking.

At age 12, Tuesday attempted to take her own life through overdosing of pills. She remained in a coma for months until she recovered and pursued acting more vigorously. Four years later, the breadwinner left the house never to return. As a teenager, she'd totaled half a dozen cars and was already dating men three times her age.

Their differences never subsided

According to Village Voice, Yosene spent her last days babysitting the children of various celebrities. Tuesday refused her any kind of support or help as her mother lived alone in Los Angeles. Moreover, the actress continued the verbal & mental abuse towards her until the day she truly expired - unloved and uncared.

Tuesday 'Wild' Weld suffered three divorces and estranged her own son as of 2005 reports. What a great deal of misfortune she endured! It takes a lot of hurting to be this heartless.