Anna Nicole Smith's Untimely Death Still Haunts Her Sisters: "I Don't Think She Was Well Taken Care Of"

Date September 16, 2019 10:29

Last days of Anna Nicole Smith's life were plain miserable. She was sheltered in a hotel suite where she suffered viral gastroenteritis, a 105-degree fever, pungent sweating and an infection on her augmented buttocks. Her family is still haunted by her tragic demise.

Instead of being hospitalized, the playmate model chose to ride out her illness with on-the-counter pills, soda drinks, SlimFast, nicotine gum, and flu tablets. Anna passed away on February 8, 2007, after an overdose of prescribed drugs. Her autopsy revealed a sedative syrup that gives powerful sleep to be the main culprit.

Her sister hasn't mentally accepted her fate

After Nicole's death, her sister, Donna Hogan started to morph herself into her image. She dyed her hair to the same blonde hue and even got breast implants. But, it was just a way to somehow remain in contact with her late sister. Those days are way past now and Hogan believe that Anna was mishandled.

Talking to Inside Edition, Hogan admitted on everyone's behalf that her famous sibling was misunderstood. Anna was struggling and no one was there to help her. Donna said:

She loved life even though it didn’t seem like it. I think she just lost that with all of the pills and everything.

Her other sister, Amy Chapman then added:

I don’t think that she was taken care of.

There is a lot of blame to go around

In her book, Train Wreck: The Life & Death of Anna Nicole Smith, Hogan confessed to having a pang of undying guilt. She failed to reach her out when she needed her the most.

Anna had fits of anger that her sister dreaded. Ultimately, she distanced herself from the actress, thinking you can't save someone who doesn't want to be rescued. However, Amy and Donna have a way to make amends.

The two aunts are making sure their niece, Dannielynn knows they're here for her. That's how they can set Anna's soul at peace. Share this and send a prayer up above for her.