Duane Chapman Disclosed He & Beth Only Spent 7 To 8 Days Apart During Their 30-Year-Long Relationship

Date September 4, 2019

Duane and Beth Chapman had the most complicated love story. They found each other after leaping a series of affairs, tragedies and of course, respective children. At the end of that tough road, the couple developed mutual devotion that stuck them together through thick and thin.

The Bounty Hunter's beloved wife passed away in June. She was admitted to Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii due to a choking emergency. As her cancer battle took the worse turn, she went into an induced coma. Beth never made it out, leaving her fans, friends, and family in deep despair.

She never left her hubby alone

Beth and Duane had first met in 1986 and it took them years to finally integrate their lives together. Because of sour history, the huntress had become possessive. She wanted to be with him all the time so their relationship could have no place for lies. Wherever Dog went, Beth quickly followed. Soon, it just shaped into a habit.

The mourning husband recently talked to Fox News. He discussed how hard it's been for him to continue without her. Duane revealed:

I think out of the 30 plus years, there were maybe seven to eight days when we were apart during something--oh, when I was in jail in Mexico. That was the longest we were ever apart.

He continued and recalled how even during her diseased days, she hung with him. Beth didn't let her misery stop her from being by her kids and partner's side. She never left them alone and uncared.

She is irreplaceable for him

In an interview with HollywoodLife, Duane said he promised Beth before her death that he will never bring another to her level. With an honest remark, he disclosed:

Well, I am a man and I will have a girlfriend probably — but I will never get remarried.

The reality star believes his late spouse still watches him over. Her presence dwells in his heart and soul. We wish Duane healing and the strength to move on.