Glen Ford's Only Son Peter Became A Twin Of His Father In Old Age & Continued His Glorious Legacy

Date September 4, 2019

The excellence of the current era is always measured by comparing it to the legends. How they lived and what they left behind is the real treasure of our present. Glenn Ford was one of those scales that still balances out Hollywood.

The laconic and soft-spoken star led the industry of melodramas and romantic films from the early 1940s through the 60s. His acting seemed effortless due to incredible talent and natural poise. Glenn was celebrated for his work in Gilda (1947), The Big Heat (1953), Blackboard Jungle (1955), Pocketful of Miracles (1961) and many more.

His look-alike son

Peter Ford is the only son of Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell. His destiny could be foreseen right from the beginning. As a youngster, he used to accompany his famous parents to awards shows and film sets.

That inspiration never wore off and Peter ultimately trod the same path as his father. Early on, he became a singer and went under contract for Capitol Records. He was soon signed up by Philips Records.

Daddy's look-alike son adopted acting soon enough. His first role was in 1959's The Gazebo. 10 years later, Peter began working at Fox productions and was cast as a dialogue director for Cade's County. After that, he served as a Reserve Deputy in L.A's Sheriff department, rising to the rank of Lieutenant before retiring in 1996.

Recollecting memories

Peter Ford also penned a biography on his father. He revealed the details of Glenn's glory days and how he met his mother. His dad was still alive when he started writing. Glenn himself instructed his son while he narrated the history in his own words.

That's how legends live and pass on the brilliance of their time. Share this to honor the late actor.