Health Update: Dog The Bounty Hunter Is "Back At Home" After Hospitalization 3 Months After Beth's Death

Date September 18, 2019

Following Beth Chapman's death, her widower is evidently more stressed-out than ever. Duane is dealing with media pressure, new responsibilities and of course, loneliness. It finally took its toll in the form of a medical emergency.

According to TMZ reports, the reality TV star was rushed to a hospital from his home in Colorado over the last weekend. His complaint was severe pain in his chest, suspected to be a heart attack. Sources revealed he may even need surgery but, that depended on the test results.

He is out of danger now!

A representative of Dog's Most Wanted star has informed on Instagram that he is on the mend. Duane will soon be recovered to his full strength. The statement revealed:

Dog is back at home and resting comfortably.

Through his manager, Duane conveyed that he is overwhelmed by the support of his friends and admirers. People from all over the world have prayed for his health. Their outpouring love and encouragement means a lot to him. Currently, he is under doctors' order to take time and heal himself properly.

His life without Beth

In an interview with Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, Dog confessed he relied too much on Beth. She was the one setting up the alarms and waking him up in the morning. Life has become dysfunctional for him ever since she left.

We wish the Bounty Hunter a fast recovery and best of luck for his show. Share this and send your regards to the mournful spouse.