Marie Osmond Is Happy That Her Daughter Has "Someone In Life" As She's Married To Partner Sara

Date October 18, 2019

Despite leading a busy life, Marie Osmond has been the best guardian and parent to her children. She encouraged their wins and understood their losses. Other than that, the iconic singer also embraced their unique inclinations and love orientation.

Marie's daughter, Jessica that she adopted with ex-husband, Brian Blosil is a proud lesbian. Earlier in summer, the 31-year-old married her partner Sara in a courtroom ceremony. The mum went against her own beliefs to give her girl all the support she deserves.

Child's joy is mom's joy

While talking to Closer Weekly, Osmond revealed that Jessica is loving her days as a married woman. Although, she’s been occupied working as a counselor and helping addicts get off the bad habits. The community service brings her great bliss. So, does that make the songster grand as a mother?

Marie Osmond finds her comfort in her child's laughter. Jessica's been well settled and feels she's at a good place in life. That is keeping her mother very delighted. The hitmaker said:

I’m happy that she has someone in her life with her, you know? It makes me happy.

Coming out of the closet

While talking to Fox News, Marie disclosed that she cried when her daughter came out as gay at age 17. It wasn't that she found it absurd but, she was scared for her kid. The singing sensation knew that Jessica will face a great deal of judgment. She didn't want that for her.

Well, all is well if the end is well. Marie Osmond's unwavering compassion for her daughter turned the dynamics around. She taught the world a lesson with her humble nature. Share this and wish Jessica all the best.