Michael Douglas Doesn't Want Daughter Carys To Date An Older Guy: "I Think It Would Kill Me"

Date October 18, 2019

Recently, Katie Krause of Entertainment Tonight talked to Michael Douglas while he was promoting The Kominsky Method. During their candid chat, the actor revealed that his daughter Carys is actively looking for a boyfriend.

He also disclosed the teenager's preference as she's into the sort of dark, Latin types. Her daddy has got some standards too that she has to follow.

Michael is fully supportive of his baby girl's endeavors. He means her to define at a young age what she really fancies. Carys will decide whether she'd go for looks, humor, wealth or just the sense of good partnership. The father remarked:

I don't worry too much about her. She's in good shape.

Not to observe her parents' love story

Every girl wishes for the same fairytale that her parents lived. But, it's implied that Michael wouldn't conspire the same for his child. He's 25 years older than his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. It wouldn't exactly be ideal for Carys.

Douglas told US Weekly that he and Catherine are discussing it a lot lately. Carys is picky but, she's very close to bringing her first beau home. So, her parents are embracing themselves for the impact of being introduced to the unknown man of her dreams. He may contradict their choice.

If Carys fell for an older guy than herself, it will be really hard for her father to cope with that. Michael said without any censor:

I think it would kill me. I’d try to support her but I’d be watching very carefully.

How does Catherine see the age gap between her and her hubby?

Catherine confided in EOnline what she thinks about Michael and her age difference. She justified that it's not happening the first time in history. Older men have been married to younger women frequently. The mother-of-two explained:

When my mother was telling me about men and telling me the facts of life, she never actually put an age bracket on it.

Michael Douglas is the same age as his wife's parents. That oddity is rather hilarious to them than awkward. When the chemistry is strong, anything can work out. Share this and hope the dad doesn't strictly disapprove of Carys' impending relationship.