Terri Irwin's Bitter Feud With Sister Patricia Began A Year After Their Mother Passed Away

Date December 10, 2019 09:45

Terri Irwin's family relationship has been hitting the headlines a lot these days. In addition to not getting along with everyone in her own family, she has some issues with some relatives of her late husband Steve Irwin.

In a September 2019 interview with DailyMail, Steve's sister Joy Muscillo opened up about how tough things have been with the Irwins. It was reported that Joy and her family were once involved with running the Australia Zoo with the Irwins but things changed and she left the famous attraction.

Joy told the publication that the feud between Terri and the rest of Steve's family was "very sad" as it was unfortunate that Steve's father, Bob, didn't even get an invite to Bindi Irwin's wedding.

Terri Irwin and her sister

Apart from the drama with her late husband's relatives, Terri doesn't appear to get along with her own family as well.

The conservationist and her sister Patricia Raines haven't been getting along for years. And according to New Idea, some court documents may give a glimpse of how their estrangement began.

Court records obtained by the publication showed that in February 2015, Terri filed a lawsuit against her sister on the grounds of 'conversion and negligence.' Conversion, in this case, refers to when a person treats someone else's property as their own.

The lawsuit was dismissed. however, the date it was filed seemed to hold a clue. Terri and Patricia's mother, Judy Raines, had passed away a year earlier.

Patricia herself once told the publication that the feud with her sister began days before their mother's death but she expressed concerns about going into details, saying:

My sister has a lot of money and knows a lot of people – she could squash me like a bug. I’m not at liberty to speak freely – it would be life-changing.

Hoping for a reconciliation

Despite the long-running feud, Patricia also revealed that she wouldn't mind rebuilding her relationship with Terri and the kids. In a 2016 interview, she shared that the cause of their disagreement wasn't enough to lead to so much bitterness.

It's so petty and it was so small... How people can hang onto grudges, I'm totally amazed. My heart aches so bad.

It does seem like things aren't getting any better between Terri and Patricia. While the little details of their fight aren't known, Patricia seems ready to bury the hatchet. Hopefully, the women will reconcile as time goes on.

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