'Long Island Medium’ Star Theresa Caputo Confessed She Is Still Grieving Her Failed Marriage To Larry: “I Miss What Once Was”

Date October 16, 2019

It has been more than a year since Theresa Caputo and Larry Caputo of ‘Long Island Medium’ split after 28 years of marriage, but the pain still hasn’t diminished.

Theresa split from her husband in 2018

The shocking news of Theresa’s split from husband Larry Caputo after 28 years of marriage came in 2018. The couple first hinted troubles in their marriage in the season finale of their show in December 2017.

They then announced their decision to separate in April during the season premiere. Speaking about it on the show, Theresa said:

“Right now, we’re taking it day by day, and that’s hard for me.”

Her now-ex-husband also admitted that it was “the hardest thing he’s had to endure.”

Theresa is still grieving

During an exclusive interview with US Weekly, the 53-year-old admitted that she is still not over her marriage to Larry.

When asked if she missed being married, the reality star answered:

“I do, but I don’t. I miss what once was.”

She then confessed that she is still grieving all the years she spent with Larry.

“I’m grieving right now. I’m grieving my 30, almost 34 years, with Larry. This is a grieving process, but things weren’t the same that they were 34 years ago.”

However, Theresa reiterates the fact that she doesn’t miss the way things were at towards the end of their marriage.

She also revealed that she has no problem seeing her ex-husband with other people as she wants him to be happy.

Larry battled depression after the divorce

Theresa wasn’t the only one who felt the heavy toll of their split. According to Radar Online, Larry fell into a deep depression after their divorce proceedings were finalized.

“With some depression, I dropped down to 163 pounds. Because of my state of mind, I didn’t have an appetite.”

Going through a divorce is never an easy process for both parties, especially when you both truly loved each other. It must have taken guts for Theresa to admit that she misses her marriage. We hope she keeps on healing from the pain!