"I Was Falling Apart": Tamron Hall Admits She Got "Fired" From 'The TODAY Show' To Make Room For Megyn Kelly

Date September 10, 2019 13:16

In February 2017, Al Roker announced that Tamron Hall would be leaving The TODAY Show and NBC News. Without giving any solid reasons for her immediate exit, her former co-anchor simply said:

We want to wish her nothing but the best, much-continued success, and cannot wait to see what her next chapter is.

A lot was happening behind the cameras of the all-time great show. Many people have been wondering what was the actual cause for Hall's sudden departure, and she has finally opened up about the situation.

Tamron Hall told ET that she was "fired" from Today to "make room" for Megyn Kelly, who came to replace her from Fox News back in 2017.

I go into work one day. I left fired. 'Demoted' I guess is what they called it. I called it fired. Inside, I was falling apart. I had worked since I was 14.

The journalist debuted her new daytime talk show produced by the ABC network, titled Tamron Hall, on September 9. This syndicated program is aimed at "inspiration" in the darkest times throughout a lifetime.

I think it was being willing to be vulnerable, being willing to say that it was embarrassing, it hurt, I was on the mat, but having people around me say, 'You don't have to stay down. And that really is what our show is about. At your lowest point, you’re not the only one going through that.

Hall left NBC News after 10 years of career and conceded the network made a wrong decision to have given her hour to Megyn Kelly.

The soon-to-be 49-year-old added:

Megyn’s success or not, I already knew they made the wrong choice when I left the door. I would never measure myself against her success or perceived lack thereof… Whether that show made it or not, I knew I was making the right decision for me.

Tamron Hall admitted such a termination hurt her from inside, but she found strength and hope to move on.