Iconic Actress Angela Lansbury Had Incredibly Good-Looking And Charming Twin Brothers, Bruce And Edgar

Date October 1, 2019

At age 19, Angela Lansbury financially supported her mother and twin brothers when they were little, and later, she decided to move the family to NYC.

The actress admitted she had grown up very fast due to her dad's early demise from stomach cancer when she was just nine years old. In one interview, she explained:

If anything good came out of my father's early death, it was being catapulted into maternity ahead of my contemporaries. I grew up fast because I had to.

Angela Lansbury had very handsome twin brothers Bruce and Edgar, who were born when the Tony-winning actress was four.

William Bruce Mageean Lansbury is not alive anymore, but his legacy is spectacular. He became an award-winning British-American TV producer, television writer, and screenwriter. His incredible career spanned over three decades, from the 1960s to the 1990s, and included work on several high-profile American TV series.

Angela Lansbury's brother sadly died at the age of 87 in California in 2017. Bruce had a long battle with Alzheimer's disease, which became the cause of his passing.

Another twin brother, Edgar George McIldowie Lansbury, also became an award-winning British-American theatre, movie, and television producer. He produced a plethora of Broadway scenes and TV movies. Thankfully, he is 87 and is still alive.

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether Angela keeps in touch with her only survived brother Edgar or not, but we believe he is thankful to her for being side by side in the most challenging times of the family life.

Angela Lansbury has had a remarkable career. She deserves admiration as she's achieved all her highs on her own and it's awe-inspiring, astounding, and influential.