'SNL' Star Phil Hartman's Lookalike Daughter Birden Is Such A Stunning Beauty, Who Always Commemorates Her Late Dad

Date September 25, 2019 17:19

The Saturday Night Live star Phil Hartman's life was somewhat odd. His professional life was always thriving as he was determined, goal-oriented, and confident in his abilities and dreams.

However, his personal life was not favorable whatsoever. His wife Brynn was abusing cocaine, and the couple argued on the night of May 27, 1998. The comedian threatened to leave if she used drugs again, and at night, she murdered him by using a gun. Several hours later, Brynn took her own life by the same weapon. Autopsy tests showed that she was using cocaine at the night of homicide and was intoxicated.

Phil and Brynn shared son Sean and daughter Birgen, who were later raised by their mother's sister Katharine and her husband. They were only 6 and 9 respectively at the time of parents' death.

Phil Hartman's daughter Birgen has grown into a walking beauty, resembling her late father so much. The young girl was close to her father, and now offers glimpses into her feelings about the late parents on social media.

Like her brother, she mainly lives out of the spotlight. But according to her Instagram, Birgen is a married woman now. She and husband, Brandon, got married in Italy back in 2018. Phil's daughter was in a band called Glitter Bomb.

Sean Hartman is an artist and musician, who inherited his parents' fortune alongside sister Birden. Sadly, he doesn't appear to have any noticeable presence on social media, unlike his sister.

The late comedian was a great father who loved his family. Birgen honored her dad by attending the SNL 40th-anniversary celebration.

It featured never-before-seen home videos, showing Hartman as a doting dad. He is seen in the video, saying:

What makes me the happiest? Well, without question, it's being a father.

It has been 21 years since Phil Hartman's demise, but the most important is that he is still remembered by so many!