"Do Not Take It For Granted": Saddened Trisha Yearwood Misses Her Lookalike Mom, Who Passed Away From Cancer

Date September 30, 2019

Country music performer Trisha Yearwood lost her mother, Gwen, to breast cancer on October 1, 2011. According to the statement at the Associated Press, Twisha and her sister Beth were by their mother's side when she passed away after a very long battle.

The Walkaway Joe hitmaker not only lost her mother but her best friend eight years ago. Since Gwen sadly died, Mother's Day has always been a day of sadness for Trisha and Beth.

During a live "coffee talk" video on Facebook, Yearwood opened up about how challenging it has been for her to celebrate the holiday without her mom.

Now that I've lost my mom, Mother's Day is tough for me. I'm a bonus mom of three girls, so I celebrate that way, but I miss my mom.

Because of her gruesome and heartbreaking experience, the American country artist wanted to encourage her fans to cherish and appreciate their own mothers every single day.

When you have your mom, you never think about the people who don't. If you have your mom, not just on Mother's Day, call her every single day. Do not take it for granted. If you don't have your mom, find a mom, and hug her, and you have all my strength on Mother's Day.

The How Do I Live hitmaker admitted her mother and father's demises were a wake-up call for her to change lifestyle to the best. Talking to E!Online, she conceded:

Part of their [parents] illnesses were related to their lifestyles and diets.

Trisha Yearwood's father Jack developed adult-onset diabetes during his lifespan, who died on September 20, 2005.

She added:

I've always been a heavy girl; I've never been little. I'm still not exactly where I want to be, but I feel so much better.

Garth Brooks' wife gave an incredible example to us all, so let's just write, call or hug our mothers and fathers, telling them how much we love and appreciate them no matter what.