Olivia Newton-John Fights Back Her Tears While Recalling Suffering From "Crying Kind Of Pain" As A Part Of Breast Cancer

Date September 27, 2019

Not everything is under our control, especially when it comes to fate. Olivia Newton-John surely knows this fact as she battles her third cancer diagnosis.

Throughout her lifespan, the Hollywood actress was suffering from the horrifying disease, and there is nothing she can do to cure it completely. She kept her second diagnosis, which was established in 2013, in secret, but she is not going to hold anything private anymore.

On September 26, the Australian superstar had an interview with CBS This Morning, during which she revealed she was suffering from horrible pain but she has "much to live for."

Emotionally talking to Gayle King, Olivia Newton-John admitted she used to smoke marijuana to decrease unbearable pain. She literally described it as "crying kind," but added, she wants to enjoy her life.

The Grease star is grateful for everything in her life as she continues battling her breast cancer.

I'm happy. I'm lucky. I'm grateful. I have much to live for. And I intend to keep on living it.

She added:

No, 'Why me' has never been a part of it. I never felt victimized. I never felt, 'Why not?' Maybe deep down I knew there was a reason or a purpose for it, or maybe I needed to create one to make it okay for myself. Because, again, it's a decision: 'How am I gonna deal with it?'

Though Newton-John hardly could hold back her tears during the interview, she showcased her inner strength amid stage 4 cancer.

Courageous Olivia feels grateful for every single day she's alive and doesn't want to think how much time has left for her. She told Access Hollywood she tries her best to remain positive:

I think in your life; you create your life by what you think. So, if I create a positive belief, I will have a positive day. If you go into it victimized or feeling sorry for yourself, that’s the kind of day you’ll have.

She is such an inspiration and a role model for everybody! We are so proud of Olivia Newton-John!