Daddy's Girl! Paul Newman's First-Born Daughter Susan From His First Marriage Is A Carbon Copy Of Her Late Father

Date August 23, 2019 16:53

Paul Newman and his first wife Jacqueline “Jackie” Witte got hitched in 1949, shortly after the actor graduated from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. However, they divorced in 1958.

The couple had three children together: two daughters Susan and Stephanie, and a son, Scott.

Susan became an actress, producer, and writer, following in her parents' footsteps. Scott also became an actor before his tragic death in 1978. He died to a drug overdose at age 28. Paul Newman then established a foundation in his only son's name to produce anti-drug movies for children.

Aside from the saddest note, Paul and Jackie's first-born daughter Susan is a spitting image of her high-profile dad. The lady literally resembles her parent's facial features, particularly the shape of the face, nose, and lips.

Undoubtedly, if Susan were a boy, she would have been Paul Newman's doppelgänger as they are totally lookalikes!

The 66-year-old also has her father's golden heart. Paul Newman was a famous philanthropist and Susan has carried on the legacy, turning her life into the world of help, empowerment, charity, and justice.

Susan Newman is well known for her philanthropic efforts and social conscience. She served as the Executive Director of some nonprofit organizations specializing in drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and then in child welfare. Her younger brother's demise seemingly led her to this awareness.

Besides, Paul's daughter has lectured across the globe, promoting awareness on issues that affect the families and children's well-fare. She still continues working for nonprofit agencies to redefine mission, increase funding and visibility, as well as providing video and movie services.

Though Susan Newman encountered some drawbacks growing up with a super popular parent, she has managed to found her own light in an acting career, personal lifestyle, and philanthropic activities all around the world.