Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Give Fans A Glimpse Into Their Cozy 5-Bedroom Home Which They Describe As A "Symbol" Of Their Love

Date October 16, 2019 09:54

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are head over heels for each other and every year, they celebrate their love in a very special way.

For their 5th anniversary in August 2019, the couple renewed their vows and rededicated their life to each other. Jenny told UsWeekly at the time that she and her husband did this every year and intend to continue the tradition.

She told the publication:

He surprised me this year with our minister. But we always do it! And it’s so nice to take that moment when you’re so busy to remember those words that you say to each other and the vows and the promises. Not that we need it, but it’s nice to do.

Their lovely home

Even the couple's home is about showing how much they love each other.

Jenny and Donnie invited People Magazine into their exquisite five-bedroom Tudor which the couple has gradually renovated over the years.

Donnie told the publication that this Chicago home was the first house the couple looked out together and immediately they saw it, they fell in love.

Jenny said:

Even though the decor wasn’t us, I felt an energy telling us this is where we’re supposed to be.

To make the home more their taste, the couple turned to designer John Wolf of Wolf Home Design who succeeded in creating a style that reflected the family's vision but was still functional and comfortable.

The family room, for example, features chic and cozy sofas, a lovely French-door entrance and other gorgeous decor elements. The home also has a formal dining room, a sewing room for jenny and an office for Donnie.

Their kitchen area features a deluxe large island with high stools, a walk-in pantry, a fireplace, and a black lacquered dining table.

Donnie explained that this isn't necessarily an "extravagant" home but a symbolic one.

This isn’t an extravagant home, but there’s no greater symbol of our love for each other than this house and how much love has gone into it.

Committed to their relationship

Jenny and Donnie began dating in 2013 and got married in August 2014. The happy husband reflected on his marriage while speaking to ETCanada saying that it "gets better every day."

This was a forever thing for us and we’re fully committed to the relationship. We work at it all the time.

Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Give Fans A Glimpse Into Their Cozy 5-Bedroom Home Which They Describe As A "Symbol" Of Their LoveGetty Images / Ideal Image

Donnie said he and his wife have come a long way and over time they have grown even closer and more connected.

Their lovely home is a testament to this dedication to each other. From the sounds of things, the couple didn't want to splurge so much on material things that they forget what truly matters.

Jenny and Donnie had a goal in mind when they were making upgrades to their home. It has now become a loving space, not just for shelter but for familial connection and bonding which is really beautiful to see.