What A Charmer! Steve McQueen's Youngest Grandson Inherited His Smoldering Gaze And Disarming Charisma

Date July 31, 2019 15:08

Steve McQueen was one of the most iconic and handsome Hollywood actors of his generation. Women used to go crazy for his smoldering gaze and disarming smile, and, frankly, we still do.

Lucky for us, Steve's grandchildren inherited his good looks, and we can't get over the similarities he shares with his grandson Chase.

Steve McQueen's grandson struck a gene goldmine

Chase McQueen is Hollywood legend's youngest grandson and he looks so much like his late grandfather.

Chase was born in 1995 and is 7 years younger than his older brother Steven R. McQueen, who's a TV star. But unlike his relatives, Chase didn't choose an acting career. His biggest passion is football.

Young McQueen explained to Telegraph why he decided against following his grandfather's footsteps:

I want to write my own story. It’s always been a dream to come to England and play. People think I’m crazy. They say, ‘You have a foot in the door, why not use it?’ But that would be the easy way.

Chase realizes it would've been very difficult for him to live up to Steve McQueen's legacy, so he didn't want to risk it:

Acting and trying to live up to my grandfather's legacy wouldn't be fair to me. Nobody could ever live up to what he has done with his life.

Now, Chase is showing great promise in the football world, and something tells us he won't stop until he becomes one of the greatest players in the world.

And although McQueen's grandson chooses to stay away from the screens, we're grateful to have his Instagram to marvel at his amazing resemblance to his grandfather.