Michael Jackson's Bodyguard Shares Details About The Late Singer's Last Days: "He Was Like A Walking Deadman By The End"

Date September 18, 2019

Matt Fiddes claims he is one of the few people who know everything about Michael Jackson’s personal life. The former bodyguard has decided to open up about the singer’s last days before he passed.

Who is Matt Fidde?

Matt was a close friend of the popstar and served as his bodyguard from 1999 to 2009. The two were introduced back in 1998 by illusionist Uri Geller. Dubbed as the “Umbrella Man”, Matt spent the next 10 years by Michael’s side and flew around the world with him.

Now he runs the world's largest chain of martial arts schools Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. He is married to Monique, a beautiful South African singer/songwriter with two children.

Bodyguard’s confession

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard is opening up about the late singer’s last days before his untimely demise back in 2009 at the age of 50.

The King of Pop died at his home in Los Angeles just weeks before he began a 50-date show world tour at the O2 Arena. Speaking Daily Star Online about the singer final times, Matt Fiddes said:

He was like a walking deadman by the end. Eating and sleeping were a battle, he was just a complete mess. He lost so much weight. It took a big toll on him. But he was adamant he wanted to prove his innocence.

Michael wanted to get all this rubbish behind him. He struggled; it was awful for him to hear all those things said about him. He had no interest in children at all.

The martial artist said Michael became paranoid that his closest friends were out to get him. He explained that this big change in the singer’s behaviour coupled with his level of naivety led to a further decline in Jackson’s health and eventually his death.

According to Matt Fiddes, the late pop star was greatly misunderstood. In an interview with Forbes magazine he said:

Still, Michael was the most misunderstood man in the world and the loneliest sometimes. He was an introvert, only happy when he was performing, or when he was with his children. Everybody needs friends to advise them.

The King of Pop’s bodyguard Matt Fiddes stands to protect Michael Jackson and tells the truth about him.