Wowsers! Sir Rod Stewart's Son Liam Grew Up Into A Handsome Man, Just Like His Famous Rockstar Dad

Date October 10, 2019

Sir Rod Stewart is a legendary British singer who has been married three times with eight children. Today, they have all grown and are doing well for themselves in their chosen careers.

His children

The British rock star has 8 children from 5 different women. Sarah Streeter is Rod’s first child with Susannah Boffey. His 4-year marriage with Alana Hamilton produced Sean and Kimberly Stewart.

He also welcomed Ruby Stewart with Kelly Emberg. Renee Stewart and Liam are his kids from his ex-wife, actress, and model Rachel Hunter. Alastair and Aiden Stewart are his sons from his current wife, Penny Lancaster.

Rod’s handsome son

Liam Stewart, the son of music legend and former model Rachel Hunter is a carbon copy of his famous father in youth.
Fans noticed the father and son’s striking resemblance whenever Liam steps out.

Though he did not follow in his father’s footsteps, he has a career as an ice hockey player and is based in Los Angeles.

The singer couldn’t help but smile with pride when his son scored his first international goal. Liam has played professionally in America, UK, and Guildford Flames.

Speaking about his looks, it’s pretty obvious that the good looks are strong in the Stewart family! Liam is as handsome as his dad.

On growing up with famous parents

Liam got candid about what it was like growing up with his famous parents. Despite growing up in the public eye he has been able to maintain a relatively low profile. Speaking to Remix Magazine, he said:

The only thing that really had an effect on me was my mum in Stacey's Mom video. That was the only thing that she has done that I can joke about and stuff. Other than that, it's all normal; I'm used to it.

It’s safe to say Rod believes his son made the right career choice. The legendary singer must be proud of his son’s endeavors!