"It’s An Outrage": Kelly Ripa Is “Irritated” By Mark Consuelos' Fit Body & Jokes She Needs A Plastic Surgeon To Match

Date September 26, 2019

Kelly Ripa is making jokes about needing to go under the knife to match her husband, actor Mark Consuelos’ fit physique.

Kelly makes a lot of effort to stay in shape

Even after three kids, the Live! With Kelly and Ryan co-host has an amazing body. Whenever Kelly gets the chance, she flaunts her rock-hard abs in a swimsuit either on the beach or during a family getaway. Speaking in an interview on how she stays in shape, Kelly said:

I work out a lot, but the place I find I don’t really focus on is my stomach because I’ve always sort of had a very strong core. People don’t realize that genetics do play a role.

Needing a plastic surgeon

Kelly Ripa praised her husband, Mark Consuelos' fit figure at the same time expressed her "outrage" over it. On Wednesday's episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, the co-host got candid and joked that she's "irritated" by the actor’s ability to stay in such great shape.

According to her in order to match his fit body, it would require her to go under the knife saying:

"I would need a plastic surgeon. Isn't that irritating? It’s an outrage."

This all started when her fellow co-host Ryan Seacrest confessed on the show that Kelly’s husband had sent him a shirtless photo. The TV host said:

He sent me a photograph of himself a couple of weeks ago. He said, 'Don't show Kelly.

Though the couple is the same age, the mother of three said Mark doesn't go through the same thing she does as a woman over the age of 40. While trying to stay in shape may be harder for the TV host, Kelly confessed she is still blessed in some ways.

Despite the joke, Kelly doesn't let anyone else question her appearance. Back in 2018, the mom of three clapped back at an online troll on Instagram who suggested that she looked way older than her husband. Ironically, both Ripa and Consuelos are the same age.

For a mom of three, Kelly Ripa has a great body. Do you think she should go under the knife to get some work done on her body?