Hurrah! Legendary Actress-Turned-Activist Brigitte Bardot Celebrates Her 85th Birthday

Date September 27, 2019

Legendary actress-turned-activist Brigitte Bardot turns 85. She certainly has had her share of such legendary instants imprinted on paper and in memories of many of her fans.

Brigitte Bardot left her successful career

She is a famous actress, dancer, fashion model, and singer, who starred in a total of 47 films, took part in several musical shows and recorded over 60 songs. After a successful career, the French actress gave it all up back in 1973 to become an animal right activist.

This was at the peak of her career and beauty. Brigitte said leaving behind the life of a movie star was difficult, but she has no regrets about choosing activism.

Happy birthday to a legend!

On September 28, the legendary actress turns 85. The French goddess and never-be-forgotten beauty icon graced TV screen in the 1950s and 1960s.

At the age of 85, the essence of her beauty hasn’t changed. Her chic style is still being replicated by many fashionistas around the world. Numerous fashion magazines have recreated the blonde bombshell’s signature hair and makeup.

Though she plans to celebrate this milestone has not been made public, she spent her 80th birthday with her husband, Bernard d'Ormale, members of her foundation, and a few friends.

The animal right activist announced she didn’t want any gifts. Instead, she urged people to adopt a cat or dog or sponsor an animal.

The actress talks about aging

Brigitte in an interview with Daily Mail opened up about what it’s like getting older. The screen goddess noted she doesn't think about aging and her mind is better than ever. She said: “I don’t think about it. I don’t have the time or the desire to gaze at my navel."

Happy Birthday, Brigitte Bardot! We are looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming years - may you have many more of them!