John Wayne’s Handsome Look-Alike Grandson Matthew Is All Grown Up And Is A Catholic Priest

Date September 2, 2019

John Wayne was one of the greatest actors of his time. Asides from been a famous screen icon, he was a father and grandfather. He managed to pass on ruggedly handsome looks to the next generation.

Grandpa Wayne

To the world, John Wayne was a Hollywood legend but to his grandson Fr. Matthew Munoz he was just grandpa. Matthew was 14 years old when the famous actor died of cancer.

Speaking to CNA, he said:

When we were little we’d go to his house and we’d simply hang out with granddaddy and we’d play and we’d have fun: a very different image from what most people have of him.

John Wayne’s carbon copy

John Wayne’s look-alike grandson, Matthew Munoz is all grown up bears a striking resemblance to his famous grandfather.

He is the son of Wayne’s daughter, Melinda from his marriage to Josephine Wayne Saenz. Now, Matthew is a grown man with a great career, which, as a matter of fact, has nothing to do with showbiz.

As it turned out, he chose a very noble and less stressful profession. He is a Catholic priest. Father Matthew Munoz is a priest of the Diocese of Orange in California.

Before John died, Matthew got to witness his grandfather’s conversion to the Catholic faith. The famous actor was introduced to the Catholic world by his ex-wife, Josephine Wayne Saenz.

Matthew about his grandfather

The priest is definitely proud of his grandpa’s conversion to become a Catholic. Out of all his success and achievements, this is one Matthew is majorly proud of. He said:

He wanted to become baptized and become Catholic. It was wonderful to see him come to the faith and to leave that witness for our whole family.

Indeed, Father Matthew Munoz is a young version of his legendary grandfather.