"They Had So Much More To Give": Country Singer Reba McEntire Recalls How Seven Members Of Her Band Died In A Plane Crash

Date September 20, 2019

It’s been over nearly three decades since Reba McEntire suffered a terrible loss that became a dark period after her hit song Fancy. The singer lost seven of her band members in a terrible plane crash.

Tragic accident

The country legend lost very important people in her life over two decades ago. The singer and her band had flown to San Diego to play in a private show.

Hours after the conference, seven of her band members and tour manager boarded a jet which was to drop them at their next tour stop. Unfortunately, the jet crashed into the side of a mountain moments after take-off, killing everyone on board.

“They had so much more to give”

Reba McEntire recollects the tragic plane crash that took the lives of seven members of her band. Nearly three decades later Reba still relives the pain.

In an interview with The Oprah Winfrey Show, Reba tearfully talks about the horrific crash. She said:

And that’s one of the questions I’ll ask God when I get up there,” She confesses. “Why’d you take them so quick? They had so much more to give and we had so much more to learn from them. But we learned from that situation.

Speaking on the powerful lesson the tragedy taught her she said:

And the biggest thing that I’ve learned is: Don’t go a day without telling people you love them and do act like this day could be your last one. Do things that are important. Don’t put it off until tomorrow.

The country legend also revealed how each member that passed was impacted and how the crash affected her.

Reba honors the memory of her friends

The singer took to Instagram to mark the anniversary of the tragic deaths of seven of her colleagues who died in a plane crash.

In remembrance of her band members, the country singer shared a photo of a sky with the words "If I Had Only Known". She captioned the image: "28 years ago today ... If I had only known. Rest in peace, my friends."

It's sad to hear when people lose those very close to them. We hope they found peace in heaven.