Michael Douglas Gets Candid About Son Cameron's Sober Life Three Years After His Release From Jail: “It’s Like This Huge Storm Has Passed"

Date October 18, 2019

It’s been three years since Michael Douglas’ eldest son, Cameron was released from prison. Now, the iconic actor is getting candid about his son’s sober life since his release.

Michael’s nightmare

The Kominsky Method star opened up about his son's public issues with addiction. Douglas admitted that Cameron’s struggle became a nightmare and there was a moment he almost lost hope.

In an interview with Radio Times, Michael said:

My son’s struggle was a nightmare. It was stressful for all involved, very painful and difficult. I’m happy to say he’s in wonderful shape now.

Cameron's sober life

In his interview with PEOPLE, Michael revealed his now able to exhale since Cameron became sober. The Hollywood icon describing the experience said it was like a huge storm had passed.

Talking about Cameron’s sobriety, Michael said:

It went from feeling [cautious] to relief, to the joy of having Cameron back. It’s like this huge storm has passed and the sun came out and you can enjoy your life again without looking over your back. It’s a wonderful feeling of being complete.

The actor’s son’s battle with addiction began in his teens. All attempts by his father and mother, Diandra a former model was ignored until he got sent to prison for 7 years.

Recently, Cameron himself spoke publicly about what led to his problems initially. Though he can’t point to what led him down the dark path, he admitted his addiction started when he was trying to figure out where he “fits in”. The father of one also said for him his addiction was a “path out of loneliness.”

After serving his sentence, Cameron’s relationship with his family became better than before. Luckily, his father never turned his back on him.