Controlling Lavish $122,000 Estate: Late Kristoff St. John's Daughter Claims Handwritten Will Of Her Father Is Fake, Court Documents Say

Date July 31, 2019

Kristoff St. John’s eldest daughter Paris claims the handwritten will of her late father is fake.

It was said before that the late soap opera star hadn't left any will. However, after the burial, the actor's father provided a handwritten will.

The Handwritten will

Kristoff St. John's father revealed that his son wrote a handwritten will 2 years before his sudden passing. According to the will, St. John wrote that in the event of his death all his properties and money should be divided among his two daughters - Lola and Paris, with a split of 75% and 25%.

The Young and the Restless star also named his father, Christopher St. John as the executor of his estate.

Is the will fake?

Kristoff St. John’s eldest daughter is questioning the validity of her father’s handwritten will which her grandfather has been trying to get approved by the court. According to the information obtained by The Blast from court documents, Paris claims that parts of the letter were not written by her late father.

Paris who had filed an objection to contest the letter back in March revealed why she believes the will is fake. According to her the material provisions of the will about a cheque was not in her father's handwriting. She said:

The handwriting of the above material provision differs significantly from and falls outside the normal, genuine, and known characteristics reflected in the handwriting of Decedent at or around the time in which the purported holographic will was allegedly executed.

Paris claims other alterations were made by someone else after The Young and the Restless star passed away.

Eldest daughter steps in

Paris, the eldest daughter Kristoff shared with ex-wife, Mia St. John filed to control his estate. The documents say that Paris petitioned the court to handle her father’s property.

She reportedly stated that her father passed away without a will and she would like to step in as an administrator of his estate, which is estimated at $122,000.

Whether his wealth will be divided between his two daughters or Paris will be the only one, who’ll inherit it, we will find out later.