She Wins Battle With Age! Catwoman Julie Newmar Exposes Her Never-Fading Beauty As She Releases New Portrait For Her 86th Birthday

Date August 19, 2019 11:32

Julie Newmar can boast of many things in her life. A successful movie career that spanned over decades and a beauty that has stood the test of time.

Asides from her famous role as Catwoman in the ‘60s Batman TV series, Julie took an interest in gardening, beauty, and health.

Julie’s impressive career

Born in Los Angeles, Julie became prima ballerina for the Los Angeles Opera at a young age. She made her debut on Broadway as the ballerina in Silk Stockings and rose to fame from her role as Stupefyin' Jones in Li'l Abner.

The actress made appearances in many TV series and several movies. She also toured all around the country in stage productions. Asides from having a successful career, Julie was known for her beauty, brains and a great sense of humor.

She’s still gorgeous

Julie just turned 86 but she still manages to hypnotize her fans with her eternal beauty. To mark the special day, she released a special portrait on Instagram.

In the photo, the actress wore a black and white dress and captioned it: “Let's celebrate the best in others and who we really are.”

The portrait which was inspired by actress Olivia De Haviland for her 103rd birthday was shot by Sean Black.

The Batman star has the kind of beauty that never fades. She has embraced her age and proved that women don’t need to run after the fading youth. Instead, they need to welcome every year with gratefulness and acceptance.

Julie Newmar on aging

Despite being in her 80s, it appears Julie’s beauty hasn’t faded much. Speaking to Spectrum on her secret to aging beautifully, she said:

If something bothers me, I try to live on top of it. Just let the joy in you come out and stay in love with life. That’s the secret to aging well.

We’d like to join the millions of Cloris’ fans and say that she’s a true inspiration. We wish her to celebrate her 86th birthday with an even bigger party next year.