Kevin Bacon Honestly Admitted Wife Kyra Sedgwick Didn't Like Him When They First Met: "She Thought I Was Very Cocky"

Date August 19, 2019 18:10

When Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon tied the knot in 1998, they had no idea how long their marriage will last. But, as it turned out, the pair matched so well they’ve become one of the longest-lasting couples in Hollywood.

Recently, Sedgwick and Bacon celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and judging by their social media, the pair is just as in love now as they were when they said their ‘I do’s.’

However, the most inspiring romance might have never become a reality as Bacon left not the greatest first impression on his future wife.

Candid interview

Kevin Bacon had a very open chat with the late night host Conan O'Brien. The actor revealed that the woman who stole his heart didn’t even like him at first.

Bacon recalled their first meeting, saying he looked and acted like a ‘complete asshole.’ At that time, the two were working in Boston together – it was the city where they met and fell in love.

But the couple’s first meeting was far from romantic. Kevin shared:

She thought I was cocky. She thought I was kind of full of myself. I was a complete asshole. It shocked me that she hadn’t seen my work.

Not only that, Sedgwick, apparently, didn’t ‘dig’ Bacon’s outfit. The actor explained he was wearing a green coat which was made out of wool. He also had a dog with him and the combination of Kevin’s attire and his pet appeared ‘so assholy’ to Kyra.

Nonetheless, the cupid’s arrow didn’t miss and Sedgwick fell in love with Bacon, and his dog. Later, Kyra shared a secret to their long-lasting romance, which she believes is nurturing each other’s independence.

Sounds like great advice! It definitely worked for Kyra and Kevin.