Meredith Vieira And Richard M. Cohen's Three Gorgeous Children Are All Grown Up And Winning In Life

Date August 14, 2019 10:42

Meredith Vieira has reached the pic of her career. She is a well-recognized journalist on TV, making her name known on The Today Show and Dateline NBC. But her biggest success is not her career. It is her family.

Vieira has been married to Richard M. Cohen, an award-winning journalist himself, for 33 years. They met in 1983 and tied the knot 3 years later.

Richard shared with Meredith he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on their second date but that didn’t scare her off. Now the two are raising three beautiful children who are pursuing success of their own.

They have very cool jobs

Vieira recently shared that her eldest son Gabriel, whom everyone calls Gabe, is engaged. He followed his parents’ footsteps and became a journalist as well.

Gabe works as a reporter in Seattle and covers pieces about ‘sick kids and elderly.’ According to Cohen’s autobiography Chasing Hope, he already won awards for his work.

The couple’s other son, Ben, allegedly finished Harvard Business School and got a job in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

Meredith and Richard’s only daughter, Lily, works for a website called TasteMade, which focuses on lifestyle, food, and travel. She moved to Santa Monica, California.

From the way Vieira and Cohen speak about their children, it’s evident how proud they are. The family they have created together is their biggest joy.

Cohen writes in Chasing Hope that it makes him elated knowing his children are winning in life but the most important thing is that they are happy when doing so.