Odd Date! 74-Year-Old Rod Stewart Spotted With His Young Wife Penny And 3 Other Women He Has Kids With

Date August 23, 2019 15:59

A party boy, a rock star, and a father –all those roles perfectly combine in just one person, Rod Steward. The music legend has 8 children from 5 different women and they all have become a centerpiece of his life.

Steward put his lothario days behind him and now he is raising 2 boys with his current wife, Penny Lancaster. The 74-year-old rocker also shares 2 children, daughter Renee and son Liam, with his former wife Rachel Hunter, and has one daughter, Ruby, from his marriage to Kelly Emberg.

But that’s not all! The former party boy also has a son, Sean, and a daughter, Kimberly, with his first wife Alana Steward, as well as a daughter, Sarah, from his affair with Susannah Boffey.

It’s hard to believe but they all live as one happy family and Steward’s recent outing only proves their closeness.

Birthday bash

There are not that many guys who can honestly say they remained friends with their former partners. But Sir Rod Stewart is one of those rare specimens who can boast great relationships with his exes.

The singer showed just how close he is with the mothers of his children by inviting them all to a family celebration. Rod’s daughter Kimberly celebrated her 40th birthday in LA and the whole Steward clan arrived to share the special day with her.

Some believe this was the first time the rock star was seen with so many of his exes. But does his wife Penny mind? The 48-year-old former model seems absolutely find about it.

Even though she did admit once she gets an odd jealousy attack from time to time but she trusts her husband as they have ‘such a good connection.’