Joanna Gaines’ Parents Have Been Married For 46 Years And Counting Even Though “All The Odds Were Against Them”

Date August 28, 2019

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ union is the role model of a happy and lasting marriage. But Joanna’s parents’ love story is no less romantic and inspirational as they have been married for more than 4 decades.

Jerry and Nan Stevens’ love story

The Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines is a pro not just in home improvement, but she is a talented writer too. In her book ‘The Magnolia Story’, Joanna shed light on her childhood, her marriage, and also revealed her parents’ incredible love story.

Jerry and Nan Stevens have been married for more than 46 years. But this union could have never happened as Joanna described in her book.

All the odds were against them but they fought through.

Jerry and Nan met at a mutual friend’s party. For Nan, it was love at first sight.

Joanna recalled that moment in the book:

She spotted my dad sitting off by himself in a corner at that party and said to a friend of hers, 'That's the man I'm going to marry.'

They had several dates until Jerry moved back to the USA and Nan had to stay in Korea. Long-distance relationships were not easy for the lovebirds. In a couple of months, Jerry sent Nan a ticket on a plane to the United States and asked her to marry him.

There were some problems at the beginning of their marriage, as the couple’s parents were against their union.

Joanna wrote:

There were times, they say, when they didn't think they would make it because all they did was fight.

But everything changed after Jerry’s mother died. Nan was by her husband’s side at the hardest moment of his life. At that point, the spouses realized they couldn’t exist without each other.

After more than 4 decades, Nan and Jerry are still together. They live happily in Texas and their marriage has never been stronger.

Mom’s advice about parenting

In one of her interviews, Joanna Gaines shared integral advice she received from her mother.

Joanna said it helped her a lot in raising her and Chip’s 5 kids.

Jerry and Nan Stevens’ love story deserves to be featured in a film. Now, we know from whom Joanna Gaines learned about the importance of family values. And family is the most important, isn’t it?