Talk-Show Legend Sally Jessy Raphael Opens Up About Her Daughter’s Sudden Demise: “Always Be This Pain Inside”

Date September 25, 2019 10:53

Talk-show star Sally Jessy Raphael recalls how her world just stopped turning when she lost her beloved child. Sally’s daughter was found dead in her family inn.

Tragic news

Sally Jessy Raphael won people’s love and admiration as a longtime host of her iconic talk-show Sally. Due to her talent and exceptional sense of humor, Sally immediately became popular among multiple fans.

But few people know that Sally’s personal life is not as rainbow as her successful career. The host had to go through a painful divorce and a child loss.

Sally married her first husband when she was just 18. The couple had two daughters together.

Sally’s life turned upside down when one of her precious daughters, Allison, died back in 1992. The young lady was found lifeless in her mother’s inn. She was 33. Some reports claimed that the cause of her demise was an accidental overdose. Nevertheless, the family didn’t confirm the reports.

“I will never again be happy”

In an interview with People, Raphael revealed how she felt broken-hearted after her daughter’s sudden passing.

Sally said:

Now every single day is hard. If you’ve had a child for 30 years, there’s no way not to have it always there. The anniversary of her death is hard. Her birthday is hard. It’s all hard.

The loss mother added:

I know I will never again be really, really happy. I have times when I’m more at peace. But there will always be this pain inside. Nothing makes up for that.

The tragedy happened just weeks after Sally's son was injured in a horrible car crash. We could only imagine Sally’s feelings during that painful period of her life.

Years later, Sally remarried again. She and her second husband have an adopted son. It still hurts for the host to talk about her beloved late child. But time heals even the deepest wounds. Our loved ones’ support can do miracles.

We wish Sally and her family all the best and never lose that special bond they share.