Priscilla Presley Gushes That Her Handsome Grandson Ben Is Just Elvis’ Twin: “I See A Little Of Elvis In Benjamin”

Date September 18, 2019

Priscilla Presley gave her fans an inside look at her family life as the star couldn’t help gushing about her handsome grandson who she thinks looks like Elvis’ twin.

Priscilla gushes about her family

Priscilla Presley is deservedly proud of her big and happy family. Though Priscilla rarely shares her kids and grandchildren’s photos on social media, from time to time, she still gives an inside look at her family life.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, late Elvis’ wife gave an update on how her kids and grandkids are doing now. Priscilla revealed that her daughter Lisa Marie’s twins are very smart with technology and they love music as well.

Elvis’ twin

The star also couldn’t help mentioning her very handsome grandson Benjamin, saying that over the years, he has reminded her about her late husband Elvis a lot.

Priscilla said:

I see a little of Elvis in Benjamin.

She added that despite Ben’s striking similarity to Elvis, he always remains himself.

There’s a resemblance, but we just let him be Ben, which I think is beautiful so that he can find out what he wants to do and be who he is.

As a teenager, Ben wanted to become a singer, The Daily Mail reported. However, the boy said that his music would be nothing like late Elvis Presley’s. Benjamin wanted to follow in the legendary singer’s footsteps but not to copy him in everything.

Who knows, maybe soon ‘the next Elvis’ will hit all music charts? Meanwhile, we wish Benjamin good luck in all his endeavors!