'Flipping Out' Star Jeff Lewis Got His 2-Year-Old Daughter Expelled From Preschool, But People Don't Feel Sorry For Him

Date September 24, 2019

Born on March 24, 1970, Jeffrey Lewis is an interior designer, real estate speculator and TV personality. His biggest claim to fame is starring in Bravo channel's reality show, Flipping Out.

Recently, he tried to narrate his woes to the public but, instead landed himself in hot water. Read on to witness the massive turn of events!

Lewis was in a long-term relationship with his business manager, Gage Edward. They welcomed a baby girl, Monroe together in 2016 via surrogacy. Unfortunately, earlier this year, the parents parted ways and now, share joint custody of her.

Outspoken father

On his SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live, the father shared that he received a call from her 2-year-old daughter's headmistress. She wanted to meet him regarding an issue but, didn't mention what it was all about. Jeff was hoping it was Monroe's misconduct rather than his because he could handle that more easily.

His nightmare came to life when the principal broke the news that his daughter has been expelled. She complained about Jeff's disparaging comments about the school and the parents on air.

Monroe's daddy had previously attended the Back to School Night. On his show, he said the lengthy event made him feel “like I was being lectured as a parent.” Jeff went as far as mentioning a mother's name, "Nikki in Sherman Oaks". The father admitted:

I messed with Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies.

People don't feel sorry for him

Social media users bashed Jeff Lewis for sending such a little kid to school. They also suggested that Monroe belongs with her mother, not with a careless dad.

Do you think Jeffrey deserve a second chance at fatherhood? Or maybe he has failed Monroe too badly to reconcile? Share this and let us know.