Dylan McDermott Celebrates 35 Years Of Sobriety: "Staying Sober Has Been My Greatest Accomplishment"

Date August 23, 2019

Dylan McDermott was abusing alcohol for one specific reason — he wanted to chase away his demons inside after his mother's tragic death and troubled childhood.

Life has been perplexing for the American Horror Story as he comes from a family of addiction and he has been fighting inclination for decades.

Several days ago, Dylan McDermott celebrated 35 years of sobriety. The famous actor shared a snap of himself and wrote a lengthy message addressing his battle with alcoholism.

Today is my Sober Birthday. 35 years! Staying sober has been my greatest accomplishment. I say that because I was able to show up for myself in every way possible. In the most turbulent and best of times, I had the rock of the 12 steps to guide me. I was able to be a father, son, brother and friend.

He candidly revealed his birth mother, who welcomed Dylan at 15 years old, and father, who was 17 at that time, also struggled from this addiction.

Proud of this day because many in my family including my birth mother and father struggled with addiction. It was brutal to witness. I’ve also seen many who didn’t make it and that truly breaks my heart. If you’re hurting please get help.

The 57-year-old also thanked his adoptive mother, who was his dad's third wife, Eve Ensler, for her support over the years.

Without the guidance of my sponsor and @eveensler I would not be here today. I will be forever grateful to them! I look forward to many more years of sobriety, trudging the road of happy destiny…

People sent their own support to the hero


Congratulations on 35 years of resilience, Dylan. We are proud of you and your strength!


So proud!!!! I Love you so much keep doing what your doing and rocking on!! 💓💓💓💓


So proud of you. 35 years a day at a time. Astonishing. So blessed to be on this journey with you. Happy Birthday!


What an outstanding triumph! You should be so proud 🤗

Alongside sobriety, Dylan McDermott has committed himself to live a healthy lifestyle and focus on mind, body, and spirit.