"Top Helper On Chef Duty": Jamie Oliver's 8-Year-Old Son Buddy Is Already Following In His Dad's Footsteps!

Date August 15, 2019

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools are happily married and doting parents of five children. The couple's love story is truly inspiring and it could be a great movie plot.

After nearly 20 years of relationship, Oliver tries to whisk his sweetheart away on romantic weekends and showers her with gifts while Jools works on making their home a comfortable place to be in.

It seems like Jamie and Jools' kids want to be like their cool parents! Their eight-year-old son Buddy is already following in his father's footsteps.

Jamie's eldest son joined his dad at work and cooked up a yummy-looking pasta dish that looked almost identical to his famous dad's. Buddy showed some amazing culinary skills!

Jamie shared some snaps on his official Instagram page and proudly said:

I've got my top helper Buddy on chef duty with me at HQ today and we did a LIVE cook up on Facebook this morning cooking up my sunshine fusilli pasta from my brand new book #JamiesVeg!

Jamie Oliver's fans were impressed with Buddy's skills and hard work. Some of them wrote very nice and warm comments:


Love this so much. Bless him! Bet he loves a day at work with Dad! Happy days x


Buddy bear is rocking the kitchen like pops 🙌🏻👨🏼‍🍳

Recently, Jamie admitted he finds it hard to raise his children. Talking to You magazine, the celebrity chef said he is hesitant about his teenage parenting.

I'm not sure how good my teenage parenting has been. I think I'm still on a six or seven out of ten from my girls. Which I'm fine with. I know I was a good nine or even ten [when they were] younger, I mean, what does a nine look like as a parent of teenagers? Does that mean you go clubbing with them?

Nevertheless, Jamie and Jools Oliver seem to be doing pretty well when it comes to marriage and family.