Bindi Irwin's Wedding Gown Inspiration Comes From Her Mother's And Meghan Markle's Bridal Dresses: "That Grace Is So Fantastic"

Date October 9, 2019 16:36

Steve Irwin's older daughter Bindi is an engaged woman, and she's carefully preparing for her intimate wedding with a partner, Chandler Powell.

Several months ago, the 21-year-old shared exciting news on social media, revealing she and her beau of six years got engaged on her birthday, and "here's to a lifetime of friendship, purpose & unconditional love."

The conversationist is taking step-by-step to prepare for her Big Day. She knows that her late father would be so proud of her, and probably, it's one of the contributing factors why she's so meticulous with the preparation.

Talking to Hello! magazine alongside fiancé Chandler, Bindi Irwin revealed Meghan Markle's bridal gown inspired her wedding dress.

I mean, everyone loves a beautiful love story, but theirs is so extraordinary. When you look at Meghan, just look at that beauty, and the royals are always so graceful, and I think that grace is so fantastic.

She went on:

I actually just found a wedding dress that I'm so excited about. My mum's wedding dress was so beautiful - all graceful and long sleeves - similar to the royal dresses. And since I was a little tiny girl, I would look at it and think that's what I want one day.

Bindi confessed she would love to wear her mother's bridal attire, but she wants the dress to have last been worn at Steve and Terri Irwin's wedding day.

I really wanted my dress to mimic hers and have that royal feel where it's just graceful. So it's got beautiful long sleeves, and I'm really excited ... So yeah, its definitely a white a dress, and I'm definitely going to embrace that feeling of being feminine.

Earlier this year, the wife-to-be posted a family photo, writing about extra details of her upcoming nuptials. Ms. Irwin said her younger brother Robert will her down the aisle.

In fact, the message was addressed to her late dad:

Dad, You would be so incredibly proud of Robert. He has been such an amazing support during this beautiful new life chapter. I know you'd be beaming with pride when the time comes that he walks me down the aisle. I wish you could be here for these moments, but I know that your spirit lives on in us ❤️

Bindi Irwin's fiancé got down on a knee at Australia Zoo — the place, where the couple first met in November 2013, and where her entire family lives and works. How amazing!