'Counting On' Stars Slammed For 'Insensitive' Baby Bump Photo As Joy Duggar Suffered A Miscarriage Last Month

Date August 23, 2019

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth suffered a miscarriage at 5 months in early July 2019. The star of Counting On and her husband Austin were expecting a baby girl and even picked out a name Annabell Elise.

It was a devastating loss for the entire family, but Joy and Austin are staying strong for their firstborn, son Gideon Martyn born in February of last year.

Although the Duggar family won't ever get to meet Annabell, they have 5 more little angels on the way.

Controversial baby bump photo

Recently, pregnant Amy Duggar posed with her cousins' 4 wives, who are also expecting, and shared the collective baby bump photo on Instagram.

What did fans say?

Joy-Anna's absence raised a few eyebrows and fans believe the women are being insensitive by parading their pregnancies like that.


I can't help but feel the pain for Joy here💔


Joy should be in this picture 😢.


Can’t help look at this and feel some pain for Joy when she sees it 💔


I think joy should be included she had a miscarriage but is still a mom to one baby on earth and one in heaven


I feel like this lacks such sensitivity.


I don’t think you guys should’ve took in the picture it wasn’t fair to Joy and she lost her baby you should consider her feelings it’s wrong

What do you think? Was it really insensitive of Amy and other Duggar women to pose for the photo? Tell us in the comments.