Wrong Move! Mark Hamill Gets Heat For Slamming Ivanka Trump's Post Of Her Son In 'Star Wars' Costume

Date September 30, 2019

Hollywood actors are blessed with the right to have a loud and clear opinion. What they resent, they are vocal about it and what they like - well, there are endorsements for that!

Mark Hamill who played Luke in Star Wars franchise confronted a political figure for hypocrisy. Unfortunately, his remark was misinterpreted by the readers and it was turned against him.

The First daughter of America took to Instagram and shared some exclusive family portraits. Her son, Theodore was seen wearing Stormtrooper's costume from the movie. Ivanka captioned to gush over her bold child:

“The Force is strong in my family” ❤️

Hamill spun the words against her

The actor didn't keep his disdain for Donald Trump hidden. He responded to Ivanka's post to call out the alleged unfairness of their political reign. Mark disagreed to the First daughter's description of the photos. So, he decided to correct her.

Hamill retweeted her post to shut down Trump, writing, "You misspelled Fraud." For good measure and to secure the insult, he further added the hashtag #GoForceYourself.

People slammed him for it

Social media users shamed him for picking on a child. Hamill hadn't mentioned Theodore while slamming Ivanka and the whole Trump family. But, still, the President's supporters took that into account.

Welcome to the internet where everyone has something to say regardless of any sense. Do you think Mark was bashed for the wrong debate? Or maybe it was his mistake to mess with the Trumps? We feel sorry for Theodore though.